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Product Urine Bag

Luxury Urine Bag(single use)

Product model - SK 110

Material - 醫用級別PVC

Specifications - 1000ML

Packaging - 1個/袋;100個/箱

Application/Intended use:



Note, Warning and Description

Note, Warning and Description

1.The luxury urine bag draws urine from the bladder through the urinary catheter.

2. The bag body contains different capacity options from 1000ml to 5000ml.

3. Anti-reflux devices can prevent urine from regurgitating

4.  It can be hung from the hospital bed by universal hook and rope.

5. The design of breathable film can reduce the positive and negative pressure and help the bladder to drain urine.

6. Discharge valve options:

Easy to operate rotary valve interface.

Flip valve designed for people with mobility problems.

Use a more convenient sliding valve design.

Rubber tubing with metal clips prevents urine spatter as it is discharged.