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Product Negative Pressure Drainage Device

Silicone Negative Pressure Drainer(single use)

Product model - KN 165-002

Material - silica gel

Specifications - C-100mL(F7~F20);C-200mL(F7~F20);C-400mL(F7~F20);

Packaging - 1個/紙塑袋;50個/箱

Application/Intended use:

For clinical collection and storage of drainage fluid


Note, Warning and Description

Note, Warning and Description

1. Silicone negative pressure drainage device is a closed-loop wound fluid drainage device used for wound cleaning before surgery.

2.  Silicone negative pressure drainage device is more portable and convenient for patients to carry.

3. Liquid reservoir 100 silica gel material

4. There are three types of reservoir: 100ml, 200ml and 400ml.

5. There are four types of silicone drainage tube to choose from, namely round tube with penetration hole, Jackson-Pratt type, flat pipe type, round pipe type.

6. Silica gel catheter has four diameters to choose from, which are 7fr, 10fr, 15fr and 19fr.

7.  You can choose to add a matching needle